Swedish Trust Company Formation

Swedish Trust Company Formation

Sweden Trust

Swedish Trust Company

Our international consortium of experts for building turn key Bank structures and financial institutions such as Funds, Brokerage Houses, and most recently a European Union structured financial institution, acceptable for receiving and managing funds on behalf of clients within Sweden.

How do we build a European Union Financial Institution in 30 days?

For managing and protecting international clients assets, the Swedish Financial Institution structured by our expert team, have literally written the text books on how to build a Bank like structure for managing clients, similar to a fund, but as secure as a Trust.  You can build the structure to protect your assets within a reliable jurisdiction or make a business out of the structure and protect other client assets. This Swedish structure can be translated as a “Trust”, but is more like a hedge fund, Bank, and wealth manager business structure who acts as a Trustee Manager.

Several of the leading financial institutions are integrating Swedish structures into their Wealth Management portfolios. Within our system, we offer a full service turn-key system including online banking software, registration as a regulated Trust Management Company (similar to Fund Manager in Luxembourg), and a BIC registrations.

In addition, we can assist in obtaining ISIN numbers for issued securities with clearing through the 3rd largest clearing and settlement company in the World in Sweden, which is part of the Link-Up strategy with “Euroclear – Clearstream – crest – VP” to enable movement of your securities anywhere, to any market, as well as the ability to open receiving accounts as a European based financial institution.

What assets can you manage with the Swedish (Trust) Financial structure:

Assets can include but are not limited to:

  • Cash Deposits (No Currency Restrictions)
  • Stocks and Bonds: As a European company, accept Euroclear, Clearstream, Crest
  • Debentures
  • Mutual Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Any type of Securities
  • Commodities
  • Precious Metals
  • Real Estate
  • Investments in General

Our package includes:

  • Company Registration Certificates in Swedish and English
  • Company Documents Notarized and Certified with Apostille
  • English Translation of the law regulating Swedish Partnerships
  • Registration as Trust Manager in accordance with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act of 2009 (AML Compliance)
  • AML/KYC (Know Your Client) Compliance Guide and Regulations
  • Introduction to Worldclear for payment clearing
  • Trust Deed Templates for the Creation of Trust Accounts
  • BIC Identifier Code Registered on SWIFT®
  • EBANQ® Online Banking System

The Trust Company is structured as a Limited Partnership and registered as a Regulated Service Provider in accordance with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act (Law 62:2009). Our Trust Companies come complete with Certificates of Registration evidencing compliance with this Act. All documentation is provided in Swedish and English with Apostille legalization. The Trust Company can manage any type of asset held in Trust for any number of clients (individuals or legal entities) resident anywhere in the world. The Trust Company must have a minimum of one partner with unlimited liability, and a minimum of one partner with liability limited to the investment in the company. There are no minimum or maximum amounts for investment by limited partners. The partners can be physical individuals or legal entities of any nationality and resident anywhere in the world.


Swedish Trust Company Summary

Minimum amount of partners/founders:              2

Qualification requirements:                                none

Minimum paid up capital:                                  none

Annual Renewal Fee:                                        none

Timeframe for new formation:                           2-3 weeks

Shelf entities available:                                     Yes

Note that partners can be physical individuals or legal entities of any nationality and resident anywhere. All parties must be identified with certified copies of government issued photo ID. There is no annual renewal fee, or fee for resident agent, but a local mailing address must be maintained, at a cost of approximately EUR 200 per annum.

Uses for Swedish Financial Institutions (Trust Company)

  • Open sub-accounts for retail and institutional depositors like a Bank as “self-directed Trust accounts”
  • Manage the wealth of the depositors as a Trust Manager into investments
  • Receive client assets such as Bonds, Stock, Commodities, and issue a “Certificate of Trust and Beneficial Ownership” held in Safe Keeping as a Safe Keeping Receipt
  • Send Swift messages on behalf of your Trust through top 25 Banking institutions, as a European Based Financial Institution
  • Clear into deposit clients Bonds and Securities registered on Euroclear, VP, Clearstream
  • Clear client Stock
  • Set-up a trading account as a trust, enabling self-directed online investment through your own online stock brokerage software linked with one of our existing interbroker systems, or manage the trades on their behalf as a Trust

If you are looking to build your own investment vehicle, your own Bank, your own Brokerage house, your own Private Placement Program, your own trading platform, perform wealth management, or your own Financial Services company, this is the most affordable option in the credible Swedish jurisdiction.

Contact info@swedish-trust.com for more information on the structures. We look forward to discussing with you how we can enable this new and exciting business into your profile of companies and wealth management and asset protection strategies.


RSA: +27 12 743 5007
New Zealand: +64 09 889 9007
UK +44 020 3286 6007
USA +1 914 613 3007



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